Perancangan Sistem Informasi Geografis Pariwisata Pasaman Barat Berbasis Android Dengan Metode Haversine


  • Alde Thio Fadly Alde Politeknik Caltex Riau


Tourism is an activity that has been commonly carried out by people today, as well as in West Pasaman Regency. However, many tourism objects are not known by the public or visiting tourists, this is due to a lack of tourism object information. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can provide information and the location of a place, therefore GIS in this system is used to display the location of tourism objects. This system can provide recommendations for the closest location points and calculate the estimated distance of tourist points with user points using the Haversine Formula method which functions to calculate the distance between two points based on latitude and longitude and displays routes with the help of Google Maps. The system is designed using the android platform, MySQL database and PHP programming language for the API used. Testing this system using White Box, Black Box, Usability and accuracy testing with Google Maps Distance. The White Box test that was carried out showed that the Cyclomatic Complexity result was 2, which means the program code has a simple level of risk and without much risk. The Black Box test concluded that the system functionality is running well, the usability test that has been carried out has a total value of 84.04% of the system. This is very satisfying for users, in the analysis of comparative testing, the calculation accuracy value is 100% the same as Google Maps Distance.