Pembuatan Animasi 3D Tari Persembahan Melayu Riau Menggunakan Teknologi Motion Capture


  • Syarah Adela Shandi Mahasiswa


Motion Capture, OptiTrack, Motive, Maya, Persembahan Melayu Riau Dance


Motion capture is a technology that records the real movement of a human model into a two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) digital world. In this study, the motion capture recording process uses a special marker-based motion capture camera called OptiTrack. In the Persembahan Melayu Riau Dance there are complex movements such as walking, turning, kneeling, kneeling, palms together and so on. Therefore, the researcher wants to implement motion capture technology in the Persembahan Melayu Riau Dance which have complex movements. Based on this research, it was found that the OptiTrack tool was able to capture the movements of the Persembahan Melayu Riau Dance well. This is influenced by the number of markers and cameras as well as the distance and time of camera calibration. The results of the application of motion capture technology produce a 3D animated video output of the Persembahan Melayu Riau Dance which has followed the original movement. Based on the results of the questionnaire collection, there were 87.58% of the audience who agreed that Persembahan Melayu Riau Dance had seemed realistic and looked interesting to watch.