Implementasi Monitoring Server dengan Prometheus dan Grafana


  • Gilang Armipajasa Politeknik Caltex Riau


Monitoring Server, Prometheus, Grafana, CPU, Memory


Server monitoring service technology that is increasingly developing makes it easy for server administrators to monitor the servers used, especially if the server environment is complex where there are many services running on a server. To perform monitoring, administrators usually can do it manually or with the help of third-party applications such as Prometheus and Grafana to facilitate server monitoring. This software can be implemented in a webserver to see CPU usage, Memory, and network bandwidth. Testing to test whether the software provides the appropriate output. The tests used are load-testing and stress testing to find out changes in CPU, memory and bandwidth that occur. In the load-testing test using the scenario that has been set, it can produce CPU graphic output that continues to rise from the initial state of 0.80% to a maximum usage of 4.03%, and memory usage of 5 mb and network traffic that is transmitted 924 kb. Then in the stress-testing test which produces a larger graph with a total CPU usage of 10.13% and memory usage of 18 mb and the network traffic that is transmitted is 5.94 mb.       Keyword: Monitoring Server, Prometheus, Grafana, CPU, Memory