Design and Build a Web-Based Riau Tourism Interactive Promotion System Using HTML5 With the Prototype Method (Case Study: Pekanbaru Culture and Tourism Office)


  • Dinda Rahayu Dinda


Riau is one of the areas that has considerable tourism potential, there are various kinds of tourist objects, crafts and various cultural events or events. The wealth of tourism potential can attract tourists from within and outside the province of Riau, thus tourism can have a positive impact on society and the government. However, currently media information and tourism promotion from the official website of the Tourism Office are considered less interactive, such as there is no comment form from public reviews about tourist attractions and registration of events to be held in the Riau Province area is currently still being done manually. From these problems we need a system that can help optimize the promotion of Riau tourism objects. This study presents a Website-Based Riau Tourism Interactive Promotion System which was built using HTML5 and PHP (Pearl Hypertext Processor) as the programming language and MySQL as the database. The system was built using the prototyping method and the Codeigniter Framework. The system development was carried out for 6 months with 3 iterations. The use of the prototype method in system development helps save time in system development and provides convenience in completing the system due to gradual coordination between developers and users from the Pekanbaru Culture and Tourism Office regarding determining the needs needed during system development. Based on the results of usability testing of 25 respondents using 3 aspects, it was found that 88% of users strongly agreed that this system was built because the information displayed from the system was easy to understand and also there were no difficulties when operating the system because the navigation structure was easy to remember and the operation of the system was easy.