Web-Based Geographic Information System for Tourism Distribution of Kepulauana Meranti Regency with A Star Algorithm (Case Study: Kepulauan Meranti Regency)


  • Darmanto Marbun Manto Politeknik Caltex Riau


Tourism, GIS-Web, Shortest route, A star


Meranti Islands Regency is a district that has many tourist attractions in Riau Province, there are about seven interesting tourist attractions in Meranti Islands Regency. But not everyone knows about it, both tourists and natives who do not know the location of tourism in the Meranti Islands Regency and must pass which route is closer to where they are, while information on the existence of tourist attractions in Meranti Islands Regency is difficult to obtain. because the condition of the tourist attraction in the Meranti Islands Regency is very far away, causing not many people to know about the place. The purpose of this researcher is to build a Geographic Information System (GIS) which is expected to assist the Meranti Islands Regency Tourism Office in developing industry and obtaining information that can be accessed using the internet. The method that is the basis for designing this GIS is the A* method, by applying the shortest route search algorithm from one point to another. The Geographic Information System for the Distribution of Tourism in the Meranti Islands Regency displays a digital map on the web with the Google Maps API. Apache web server and MySQL database are already integrated in XAMPP. From the results of the black box testing that has been carried out, it can be concluded that functionally the Geographic Information System for the Distribution of Tourism in Meranti Islands Regency has been successful. For white box testing of the A-star algorithm program code in measuring the value of the program code created with the results of the cyclomatic complexity calculation carried out on the A star algorithm, 9 edges and 8 nodes can be calculated so that the cyclomatic complexity value is 3 paths, this includes program code well structured and stable, low risk. And the implementation of the algorithm is in accordance with running well in finding the shortest route