Rancang Bangun Business Intelligence Untuk Pengelolaan Laboratorium Politeknik Caltex Riau


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Polytechnic Caltex Riau (PCR) is the best private universities in Indonesia. PCR has complete facilities to support the learning process, one of that is a laboratory. PCR laboratory has been equipped with supporting practicum facilities. Based on the results of interviews with several Heads of Laboratories that laboratory management is still not effective, the occurrence damage to practicum equipment at certain times and laboratory management still manually, such as visiting the laboratory one by one. To minimize this, it is necessary to integrate the required data. Therefore, a Business Intelligence dashboard was built that can visualize data. BI is a technique and tool for transforming data into useful information for business analysis as monitoring laboratory management and helping leaders to make decisions. The results of the system's functionality testing have been successful and run well. Usability testing using a questionnaire shows the level of user satisfaction is high with the system. Efficiency, the results obtained that the level of system performance to access each web page is under 13 seconds. Stress testing on reliability get a percentage of 100%. Maintainability gets an average cyclomatic complexity of 18.49. This system can be run on 3 different web browsers for portability testing.