Implementasi Business Intelligence Dashboard Untuk Visualisasi Data Kepuasan Pasien Terhadap Pelayanan Rumah Sakit (Studi Kasus: RSUD Kecamatan Mandau)


  • Trully Ananda Putri Mulyadi Trully Politeknik Caltex Riau


Regional General Hospital is a health service institution owned by the local government. Mandau Hospital as one of the installations that has the function of providing health services must of course comply with predetermined standards. Based on the results of interviews with the hospital, RSUD Mandau still has difficulty in monitoring the development of hospital services. The hope of the hospital is to be able to analyze the development of hospital services by knowing the patient queuing pattern and the pattern of patient satisfaction with hospital services. Therefore, a business intelligence dashboard web-based that can visualize data related to queuing problems. BI is a technique for transforming raw data into information for business analysis as monitoring hospital services and helping to make decisions. The functionality testing system has been successful and is running well. Based on usability testing using a questionnaire, it shows that this system is 95% easy to use, 96.7% learned, 94% useful, and 100% satisfactory. Efficiency testing, the result is the level of system performance of 34.41 seconds to store and process all data. To measure stress testing on reliability, get a percentage of 100%. Maintainability gets an average cyclomatic complexity of 18.83. This system can be run on 3 different web browsers for testing portability.