Penerapan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Menggunakan Metode Framework of Dynamic (Studi Kasus: Klinik Pratama Ashofa)


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Customer Relationship Management, Framework of Dynamic, Simple Additive Weight.


Quality information technology that is able to meet the needs is used for accessing and processing information more effectively and efficiently, one of which lies in the technology needed by the Pratama Ashofa clinic. Ashofa Primary Clinic is a beauty clinic. Clinic is still recording customer service data manually and decreasing rate of repeat customer arrivals. Efforts to increase value innovation to customers need to be implemented using information technology, namely. Customer Relationship Management using a framework of dynamics as one of the features contained in CRM, to obtain customer satisfaction information who has loyalty. Utilization of customer data will be processed into 3 categories, namely platinum, gold and silver using a ranking system for decision making with the Simple Additive Weighting method. The process of ranking customers through normalization of a decision matrix. The results of the decision matrix obtained that the highest customer value based on the criteria is 1 and the lowest is 0.27. The tests that have been carried out are blackbox testing, it is found that 100% of the system functionality is running well and UAT testing, getting the results that all features are running well. Usability Testing that was applied to patients obtained a percentage of 78.1% with the meaning that the clinic gave an assessment of agreeing to the customer relationship management system of the Pratama Ashofa Clinic.


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