Implementation of Business Intelligence Dashboard For Visualization of Student Behavior Patterns (Case Study: Sekolah Alam)


  • Aulia Mayang Sari Mayang Politeknik Caltex Riau


Schools are formal educational institutions that carry out guidance programs in helping students to be able to develop their potential. One of the schools is the Sekolah Alam. Based on interviews, there is a decrease in the character and performance of students. The school has difficulty in knowing the relationship between student behavior patterns and student performance. While the expectations that the school wants can analyze the potential development of students. Therefore, a website-based Business Intelligence system was built to process student data that was visualized into a dashboard to assist in getting behavior patterns composed of three aspects, namely cognitive, affective and conative using the CI framework and the PHP programming language. Based on functionality testing, the functions on the system have been successfully built and run well. The results of usability testing using a questionnaire to the school showed that this system was 95% easy to use, 90% learned, 90% useful, and 92% satisfactory. Based on the data transformation test, the results show that the data has been successfully transformed into the system. Based on the results of efficiency testing, the results obtained that to store and process data it takes 9.56 seconds.