World Travel Encyclopedia Using Markerless Augmented Reality



  • ALBERT CHANG Politeknik Caltex Riau


Augmented Reality, Arcore, Globe, Unity, Blender


In Indonesia, the learning system in elementary schools has begun to study the shape of the earth with the media globe. At this time the globe only has several functions such as knowing about the division of the earth's seasons, calculating the division of time on earth, knowing the process of changing seasons and providing accurate information about the astronomical location of an area on the earth's surface. From the function of the globe, it turns out that there is still information that has not been conveyed. This causes the lack of detailed information facilities, learning media using globes are still monotonous and lack of interest in learning becomes bored. To deal with this problem, an Encyclopedia application for exploring the world was built using markerless augmented reality. This application aims to be able to visualize protected animals, famous buildings, flags in 3D and display information about religion, language, famous buildings, protected animals, currency. This application uses environmental understanding techniques so you only need to find a flat plane and 3D objects will appear on a flat plane. To use this application a minimum distance of 40cm and the optimal distance of use is 100cm. Based on usability testing by giving questionnaires to 90 respondents, it was found that 83.25% of this application can be an alternative learning media to study the globe using augmented reality technology.


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