Pengembangan Sistem Business Intelligence untuk Tindak Perkara Perkawinan di Pengadilan Agama Pekanbaru


  • Ainun Jariyah Politeknik Caltex Riau


The Religious Court as an agency that manages existing marriage cases in the new. Based on the results of interviews with the Pekanbaru Religious Court, the increasing number of divorces every year makes it difficult for the Religious Court to have difficulty in grouping divorces based on certain regions, so the Religious Court needs data visualization that will make it easier for the Leadership to analyze and take policies. Therefore, the Religious Court Staff needs a solution that can be used in helping to see and monitor the development of marital cases using the management of divorce data for each year. This research will be developed using Business Intelligence (BI) with the aim to find out the pattern of marital actions based on supporting data such as age data, location data, case type data and data on factors causing divorce using the CI framework and using PHP programming language. Based on blackbox testing that has been done that the functionality of the system is in accordance with user expectations. Meanwhile, based on user acceptance test (UAT) that has been done shows that 91% of the system that has been built is acceptable to users and can help the Pekanbaru Religious Court in making decisions. s