Sonia Alwi Perancangan Data Warehouse pada Gerai Kita Mart Duri

Perancangan Data Warehouse pada Gerai Kita Mart Duri


  • Sonia Alwi Politeknik Caltex Riau


Kita Mart, Sales, Stock, Data Warehouse, Dashboard


The design of the data warehouse at Kita Mart functions to provide data to meet the information needs of sales of goods and stock of goods. Kita Mart is a daily merchandise outlet spread across several main roads in the Duri area. These outlets have separate systems and have not been integrated with each other, so they need a system that can integrate data from existing outlets and can provide summarized and fast information presentation. In addition, Kita Mart outlets are still stored in excel data, so to see information on sales of goods, we still use excel data in the form of columns and rows. This of course takes a long time to get information about sales developments. Leaders also have difficulty in making decisions related to sales because the data displayed is not summarized. Data warehouse design is one solution to process data and displayed in the form of a dashboard that contains information needed by Kita Mart management. Based on the tests that have been carried out, namely black box testing that all features can run and according to the expected results, ETL testing shows that the processed data is in accordance with the specified format, and testing user satisfaction with the interview method and filling out questionnaires measured by the linkert scale is obtained result that the system created meets the needs of the user and the user agrees with the system.


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