Aplikasi Mobile Hybrid Pengganti Buku Manual Alat Musik Tradisional Melayu dengan Implementasi AR (Studi Kasus: BMR Musik Melayu)


  • Ellen Ayu Saputri Hutabarat Politeknik Caltex Riau


BMR Musik Pekanbaru is one of the suppliers of traditional Malay musical instruments. BMR wants to introduce traditional Malay musical instruments to the public so that they know the form and procedures for using it. Therefore, a mobile application will be built with the implementation of AR (Augmented Reality). The application was developed in a hybrid way, namely Android and iOS with Flutter, Blender for creating 3-dimensional models and animations, and Unity and EasyAR Library for Augmented Reality. The prototyping method was carried out in 3 iterations with BMR. The results of the Blackbox test are that all functional requirements are 100% successfully executed. In User Acceptance Testing, the average obtained from all aspects, namely 87.5% has met the user's functional needs. Usability testing obtained average results for all aspects on Android, namely 89% and iOS, namely 86.3%, which indicates that the application can be run easily. In the One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design the results obtained in the post-test are 95.5% and in conclusion this application can help users recognize the shape of musical instruments and how to use them. The results of the performance test are that Android has increased memory usage by 6.61% and iOS by 53.6% when displaying AR. The conclusion is that Android uses less memory than iOS.