Perancangan Backend Proses Request Data Dalam Sistem Monitoring Sinyal EKG Berbasis Web


  • Syaparudin Bs Politeknik Caltex Riau


Arrhythmias are disorders that occur in the heart rhythm. People with arrhythmias usually feel a heart rhythm that is too fast, too slow, or irregular. The purpose of this study is to make it easier for medical personnel to monitor the patient's heart rate by using a web-based ECG monitoring system that can be monitored anytime and anywhere because previously there were problems with doctors in monitoring the patient's heart rate because the doctor was not with the patient for 24 hours. The process of this tool starts from the patient using a heart recording device, then the results of the heart recording are sent to the database using the MQTT broker, then the data will be requested by the Frontend via the API and then the API will check the data into the database, if the data in question is contained in database, then the data will be returned by the API in JSON form and then displayed by JavaScript to the Frontend. The database used by PostgreSQL is because it can accommodate realtime data. For making Rest Api is using Flask. Several experiments have been carried out and the result is that all data has been successfully returned by Api in JSON form.