Augmented Reality-Based Application for Introduction to Riau Province Culture


  • Yulia Sagita Sagita Politeknik Caltex Riau


Riau province has a variety of cultures, one of which is traditional food. Food for Malays is an identity or identity as Malay. Learning about culture has begun to be introduced to elementary school children. Learning methods applied in elementary school are still manual, such as using whiteboards, books, pictures, and others. This makes children become bored quickly if they use the same method in the learning process. So it is used augmented reality technology to make children not bored and interested in learning to know traditional Riau food. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that can combine virtual objects in two dimensions (2D) or three dimensions (3D) into the real world. The main purpose of using AR technology is to provide more interesting and interactive information. Therefore, the application of cultural recognition of Riau Province is based on Augmented Reality. This application uses the Markerless Ground Plane method contained in the Vuforia library to display 3D objects and Markerless GPS Based Tracking as a pointer to the location of stores selling traditional food. Based on the results of the tests that have been done, it was obtained black box testing results that 100% of  applications were successfully built as expected. In the UAT test conducted to one of the elementary teachers, the average percentage result was obtained 90%, meaning that this application can be applied as an alternative learning medium to introduce traditional Riau food to elementary school children. From the results of questionnaire testing to elementary school children obtained 88.3% which means the application can make children interested in learning to know traditional Riau food. Keywords: Augmented Reality, Riau Traditional Food, Markerless Ground Plane, Markerless GPS Based Tracking, Learning Media.