Simulasi Animasi Algoritma Pengurutan


  • Nisa Ul Wahida Politeknik Caltex Riau


Sorting is a process of sorting data with certain rules, which are arranged regularly according to these rules. Basically there are two kinds of ordering rules that are commonly used, namely ascending (ascending) and descending (descending). how the sorting algorithm works can be obtained from various sources ranging from studying with experts, reading books, or through internet media. Conventional learning methods with the help of conventional media are one of the learning methods used in delivering material during the teaching and learning process. Results Based on the questionnaire that students have difficulty in understanding how the sorting algorithm works. So we need a new learning media that can explain how interactive works and is used as an alternative to new learning media. Therefore, a learning application about data structures will be designed with material on the Android-based insertion sort and merge sort algorithm, which will display a simulation of how the two algorithms work. Based on validation with the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) method using the Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI), the results showed that the application was in accordance with user needs and could assist lecturers in the teaching process, with a validity value of 80.91%. Based on the results of the Independent Sample t Test on 30 students who were divided into two experimental groups, learning media using the application provided an increase in value of 8% compared to learning media with books, with the average post-test score in the control group was 78.40%, and the experimental group was 86.80%. And the application can be used as an alternative learning media for students.