Penerapan Association Rules untuk Mengidentifikasi Pola Penyakit (Studi Kasus : RSUD Dr Muhammad Zein Painan)


  • Fauzia Rizki Febriani Fauzia Rizki Febriani Politeknik Caltex Riau


Algoritma Apriori, Association Rules, Lift Ratio, PHP, Rekam Medis


At Dr Muhammad Zein Painan Hospital, medical record data is only used as an archive and only fulfills storage. Existing medical record data should be used as a reference for making disease projections in the Pesisir Selatan area and can be used as a reference in the management of hospital resources, such as medical personnel, medicines, infrastructure, etc. the hospital that accommodates the most patients in Pesisir Selatan. In this study, Association Rules were used to identify existing disease patterns. Data processing is carried out using the Apriori Algorithm so that each resulting pattern has a support and confidence value to calculate the percentage of each existing pattern. The data processing is carried out using a website built with the PHP programming language and MySQL database. Based on the calculations that have been made, two patterns have been produced with a confidence value above 40%. These patterns include: "If the gender is female and the age category is a child, then the diagnosis is falciparum malaria", "If the gender is female and the age category is elderly then the diagnosis is stroke infarction". Each pattern was tested again using the Lift Ratio test and each had an Lift Ratio value of 9.1 and 6.05. That is, the resulting pattern is considered strong so that it has useful values ​​that should be applied as a reference in making decisions and taking the necessary actions.


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