Dashboard Development for Visualization of Sales Performance Level (Case Study: PT Telkom Pekanbaru)


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PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia is the largest telecommunications and network service provider in Indonesia. TELKOM provides Info Comm services, fixed wireline and fixed wireless, internet, and network and interconnection services. In accordance with the problems so far, monitoring is carried out by checking the Telkom Pekanbaru web and looking for one by one account sales that will be transferred in tabular form. The problem that is feared is that not all of them are monitored because of the large amount of data that will be grouped. In addition, web media to assist the analysis process does not display graphs, or information conclusions to speed up gaining knowledge of performance sales. Therefore, it is important to build a performance monitoring system sales with the use of Business Intelligence which is able to assist in visualizing the development dashboard to visualize the level of performance of sales Telkom Pekanbaru. Based on testing functionality, the functions on the system have been successfully built and run well. Based on the business intelligence system performance testing carried out, the analysis is very much needed for efficiency in sales performance and even for monitoring the performance of sales in making sales. Based on the results of testing efficiency, the result is that it takes 9.56to store and process data seconds. Intesting the portability system was successfully run on 2 types of web browsers and mobile.testing Maintainability and globally the system gets a red color or an anomaly is detected at 0.0.05.