Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Pencarian Kuliner dengan Jarak Terdekat di Kota Pekanbaru


  • Rahmita Ramadhanty Politeknik Caltex Riau


Android, Google Maps API, Haversine, MVVM


Food is one of the important needs for human life and will increase along with the growth of an increasing number of people. In Pekanbaru, culinary growth and development such as restaurants and cafes are currently growing rapidly. There are more places to eat and more types of food offered are increasingly diverse, making people confused and taking a long time to decide where to eat. Based on this problem, an application to find a culinary place with the closest distance in Pekanbaru was designed that focuses on places to eat with the main feature of finding places and the output of the application is the point of the nearest place to eat along with information from the place to eat. This application development uses the algorithm haversine to find the closest point on Android by implementing the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture. This application utilizes the Google Maps API service to display maps and location points based on coordinates latitude and longitude as well as features for navigation, while the data for the coordinates of places to eat comes from data in the REST API. The development of this application is expected to help users get the information they need about places to eat or culinary places in Pekanbaru City. Based on the results of tests conducted on applications built using black boxes, the result was the application was 100% successfully built as expected. The questionnaire testing, 90.92% respondent agreed that the application features had been running according to its functions and were useful for users in finding culinary places.