Implementation of a Business Intelligence Dashboard for Monitoring Crimes at the Siak Hulu Police, Kampar


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Siak Hulu Police, Kampar is the command structure of the Indonesian National Police at the sub district level, namely the Siak Hulu sub-district. The Siak Hulu Sector Police handles various criminal cases. Based on the results of interviews with the Siak Hulu Police, Kampar, Siak Hulu is one area that has a fairly high crime rate in Riau. Reported criminal case data is managed by the administration of the Siak Hulu Sector Police. Every month, the Siak Hulu Sector Police conducts evaluation studies or regular meetings, in which they need historical data to assist in making decisions. Until now, the Siak Hulu, Kampar Sector Police store data on criminal cases using Microsoft Excel, so that they are overwhelmed in reading the existing data and make it difficult for them to classify criminal cases. Therefore, a business intelligence dashboard was built to monitor criminal cases at the Siak Hulu Police, Kampar so that the police can easily make the right decisions. The business intelligence system is built using the codeigniter framework and uses the PHP and MySQL programming languages ​​as databases. The system is tested using data transformations testing, efficiency, black box testing and user acceptance test (UAT) and so that it can find out the improvements desired by the user. Based on the user acceptance test (UAT) that has been carried out, it shows that 98.95% of the system that has been built has been accepted by users and can help the Siak Hulu Kampar Sector Police in making decisions.