Design and Build a Role Playing Game about the History of Pekanbaru City using RPG Maker MV


  • Suci Atsila Zayana Politeknik Caltex Riau


The lack of public interest in studying and knowing history is one example that Indonesian people have low reading interest, such as lack of knowledge about the history of Pekanbaru city because based on a survey that has been conducted to 23 people of Riau Province by 87% who do not know about the history of Pekanbaru city. However, it will be different if the information provided is in the form of visuals and more interesting sounds. One of them is by using gaming media. To increase knowledge and provide information about the history of pekanbaru city, an RPG game was built about the history of pekanbaru city. This application is built using the RPG Maker MV app based on Android. Role Playing Game is a game in which the player plays the role of a character in a fictional setting. The story in this game is taken from the book 'From Kebatinan Senapelan to Pekanbaru City' written by Suwardi Ms, Wan Ghalib, Isjoni, Zulkarnain. This game is aimed at children and teenagers in hopes of knowing the history of the city of Pekanbaru more deeply through this game. This game has been tested to 30 respondents, by comparing with pretest and posttest between before and after playing the game, the game provides an increase of 91.3% compared to before playing the game History of Pekanbaru which is 32.2%.