Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Orang Tua Siswa Berbasis Android Menggunakan Metode Prototype (Studi Kasus: Sekolah Insan Teladan)


  • Suci Ikhwan Hendri PCR


The Insan Teladan School needs a system to link the school with parents, where parents can quickly view academic assessments and payments. For this reason, a special academic information system was created for parents of students based on Android using the Prototype method and testing using End User Computing Satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to design and build an academic information system that can be accessed via Android and can support the process of notification of academic information from the school to parents. The application of the Prototype method involves the user in the design of the system and of course provides a fast response from the user to the developer. Based on the Black-box Testing using the Equivalence Partitioning technique that all system functionality has been met. Continued testing the system by asking 12 questions. Based on the End User Computing Satisfaction test, the satisfaction value for each variable is greater than 4. The format variable is the first highest variable with a value of 4.66. It can be concluded that, respondents are satisfied with the format of the system built. Then the ease of use variable is the fifth highest variable with a value of 4.49. So it can be concluded that respondents are satisfied with the system and the system is easy to use.