Perancangan Lighting Pada Film Animasi 3D Burung Bayan dan Si Penggetah


  • Aldo Abrianto Politeknik Caltex Riau


The author chooses the topic of lighting as the discussion of this final project report. This study aims to design lighting so that the interior and exterior atmosphere produces realistic lighting, with the Three-Point Lighting Technique, in making 3D animated films on Blender 2.90 software, which technique is implemented in making the Parrot and Si Penggetah animated 3D film. The lighting technique in this 3D animated film is validated by lighting experts, namely the application of lighting techniques for each scene. Based on the validation carried out by a lighting expert, Fajrye Fathah Harmyn, several improvements or revisions were obtained. After the repairs were made, it was found that the application of lighting techniques in this 3D animated film was appropriate. The test is also aimed at the general public, data collection is carried out to assess the application of lighting in general and what moral values ​​are obtained by the community. Based on the results of testing on respondents and calculated using a Likert scale, it was obtained 89.73%, meaning that the respondents strongly agreed that the 3D animated film Parrot and Si Penggetah became a medium for reintroducing Riau Malay folklore.