Design and Build an RPG Game for Learning History of Culture Pacu Jalur Kuantan Singingi


  • Mutiara Pertiwi Mahasiswa


The lack of interest in reading in Indonesia makes Indonesia rank 62 out of 70 countries and the young generation's low interest in history is due to the way history learning is less interesting. Both regarding the method and the media used. It is the same with the cultural history of the Kuantan Singingi Track, because based on a survey conducted with 73 people from Riau Province and outside Riau Province, only 19.2% knew the complete history of the track, while the remaining 80.8% did not know the complete history of the track. It is different if the information is presented in the form of media such as images and sound, one of which is game media with the RPG genre because games with the RPG genre have role-playing arts made so that they feel like being a character in the story. So this study aims to introduce the history of Kuantan Singingi culture specifically on pacu jalur and compare the results of the information obtained through books and games. The Pacu Jalur Kuantan Singingi cultural history game has been validated by game experts with good results, which means this game has met the requirements of game development. And validated by material experts with very good results, which means this pacu jalur game is in accordance with the original history of pacu jalur of Kuantan Singingi. And this game has been tested on 30 respondents aged 13 years and over from the Riau community, obtaining results with a comparison of pre-test and post-test learning outcomes reading books, playing games, media games giving an average increase of 95.33 compared to reading books which only get scores. an average of 33.17 so it can be said that this game provides more interactive information about the history of the pacu jalur Kuantan Singingi.