Server Monitoring Implementation Using Zabbix and Grafana


  • Ami Maharani Teknik Informatika


Server is an important component in computer network technology that serves every request from clients. With the server, clients can exchange information anywhere and anytime. However, servers also often experience problems such as excessive use of CPU, memory, and heavy traffic loads. This can slow down server performance and can even turn off services from that server. Therefore, the server must always be monitored to unify the server status and ensure that the server resources are in a stable state. Based on the description above, then implemented server monitoring using Zabbix and Grafana. Zabbix is ​​used as a metric reader from the resource server and Grafana as a visualization of data metrics into a graph that can be accessed on the Grafana web interface. Based on the functionality testing that has been done, the success rate of the system in displaying server status and displaying time series data is 100%. Based on performance testing that has been done 5 times, the system displays 23% memory usage. CPU usage showed an increase from 4.21% to 5.69%. The number of packets sent increased from 1.38Mb/s to 2.51Mb/s and received packets from 147Kb/s to 218Kb/s. The average memory availability in 5 trials was 77.3%. The Web Server can run stably with 200 users access for 2 minutes and there is an error sample of 0.29%. Keywords: Monitoring Server, Server, Zabbix, Grafana, CPU, Memory