The Development of Hybrid Mobile Application For Mentoring Information System (Case Study: Ukmi Ar-Ruhul Jadid)


  • Auzar Fakhri Politeknik Caltex Riau


UKMI Ar-Ruhul Jadid is Muslim student organization of Politeknik Caltex Riau. Every odd semester, UKMI holds a program called Studi Islam Intensif(SII). One of the SII activities is mentoring. Previously, the administration of mentoring such as schedule, attendance recapitulation, and grading are carried out manually which takes more time and has a higher possibility of errors compared to be done by computerized system. Then a system was developed to handle these problems but the previous system runs only on android meanwhile some students use mobile phone with iOS operating system and there are several requirements that the system did not cover namely announcement feature to inform mentor and mentee about the latest updates, feature to upload letter of excuse to be absent in mentoring. SIIMentoring application is a hybrid mobile application that accommodates those needs. According to the tests conducted on sii application namely black box testing, UAT, and usability testing this application is considered to generally work as expected, and conviniently usable with the overall score of system 87.85 with score 93.06 for mentee role and 78.5 for mentor role.. Keywords: : UKMI Ar-Ruhul Jadid, Studi Islam Intensif, Mentoring, schedule, attendance, grading, mobile application, hybrid