Aplikasi Pendeteksi Tingkat Kematangan Buah Alpukat Berdasarkan Corak Warna Kulit Dengan Menggunakan Metode Naive Bayes


  • Masril Pardamean Simatupang Student


Keywords : Avocado, Digital Image, Desktop , Java, Naive Bayes


Computerized systems are increasingly needed along with current technological developments, one of the computerized systems that need further testing and system development is digital image classification. One of the topics that can be raised is about the maturity level of avocado (Persea americana mill) which is a plant that can thrive in tropical areas such as Indonesia and is one of the most popular types of fruit. Avocado Has a similar color value at every level of fruit maturity, becoming an interesting thing to discuss and the main focus in this study. Avocado maturity level consists of 3 levels, namely ripe, half ripe, and unripe. Because of these shortcomings, an application was made to classify avocado ripeness to get more objective results. Testingapplication desktop thisis done by obtaining the value of thedata training andthedata testingtesting, only the admin has access to view and add avocado training data input from the image which is expected to be able to distinguish avocado ripeness. So from the testing process using themethod confusion matrix, an accuracy rate of 70% is carried out ondata testing and the results can display the probabilities of cooked, half-cooked and raw classes.