Game Edukasi Cerita Rakyat Hang Tuah dalam Bentuk 2 Dimensi Menggunakan RPG Maker MV


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Folklore, Game, Hang Tuah, RPG.


Indonesian society consists of various ethnic groups and cultures. One of the elements of culture is folklore. One of the folk tales owned by the Malay community is the Hang Tuah folklore which tells about a legendary Malay character. Hang Tuah is very famous for his courage and heroism. His tireless and unyielding spirit in defending the nation deserves an example for the younger generation. But over time, culture is increasingly forgotten by the community. People are more interested in increasingly sophisticated technological developments, one of which is games. The right solution to solve this problem is to make folklore in the form of a Role Playing Game (RPG). Role Playing Game (RPG) is a game genre that has complex story elements, players can play a role and interact directly with the characters in the story. Therefore, to restore public interest in folklore, folklore is created and presented in the form of RPG games so that folklore, especially the Hang Tuah folklore, remains in demand according to current developments. Based on the validation using the Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI) assessment instrument, it was found that the application was in accordance with user needs and could assist in learning media with a validity value of 81.5%. and get a material validity value of 97.5%. Then based on the results of the respondent's test on 60 junior and senior high school students who were divided into two experimental groups, learning media using games gave a 57.33% increase in value compared to reading books which only got a 30% increase in value.