Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Pemesanan Wedding Organizer Berbasis Android (Studi Kasus : Kota Pekanbaru)


  • Melisa Adhari Melisa Politeknik Caltex Riau


Wedding Organizer is a service that helps in the preparation and implementation of a wedding party. The Wedding Organizer works personally to help the bride and groom in planning the wedding according to the schedule and budget that has been set. Currently, almost all people have used smartphones and most of them are based on Android, seeing this opportunity, a system is created that can place orders for Wedding Organizers online or digitally so as to make it easy to order, which is not bound by time and distance, in this system users can choosing what concepts to use such as aisles and decorations, wedding dresses, make-up, documentation, catering, and entertainment. This application is built using the android platform using the prototyping method. The result of this research is that users can place an order for a wedding organizer online, whenever and wherever they are. Based on functionality testing, it is known that the application that has been built runs as expected. Meanwhile, based on the questionnaire testing of the respondents, it was found that 70.68% agreed that this application was useful. And based on the results of usability testing, it was found that 72.0% of respondents agreed that the application was useful or usefulness, 78.0% of respondents agreed that the system was easy to use or ease of use, then 81.3% of respondents agreed that the system was easy to learn or ease of learning, and 74.0% of respondents agree that the resulting application is satisfactory and in accordance with expectations or satisfaction.   Keywords: Mobile Application, Functionality, Prototyping, Questionnaire, Usability testing.