Search Information System Design And Android Based Cost Ordering (Case Study: Pekanbaru City)


  • Risa Ade Fadhilah Rien Risa Politeknik Caltex Riau


The increasing need for temporary housing such as boarding houses is caused by the high growth of urbanization of workers and students in Indonesia, especially Pekanbaru City. Workers and students who come from outside the area must find a boarding house in the area where they work and study. This situation is used by the owner of the boarding house as a side business or main business. However, people still search for boarding houses to locations that cause a lot of time to be wasted and have to find boarding houses faster in order to get the desired place. From these problems, an Android-based boarding search and booking system was created. This system can provide information that makes it easier to find boarding houses with prices, room sizes, and furniture that you want. This system uses the prototyping method in its development because it will be easy to coordinate the system, developers and cost seekers, and the time required is shorter. This system is also equipped with 360 ÌŠ photos which are used to see the shape of the boarding room. Based on the results of tests carried out using black boxes, it was found that the application was 100% successfully built as expected. Furthermore, based on the results of the questionnaire and usability testing, it was found that the boarding house seekers agreed that this application could help find and order boarding houses and the boarding house owners agreed that this application was useful and could help promote boarding houses.