The Development of E-Commerce System based on Website

(Study Case : PT Armaz Insan Mandiri)


  • Bilal Muhammad Politeknik Caltex Riau


Rapid technological development has influencing many part of life and profession, causing the changes on a system of workplaces or companies, also the changes of working process. PT Armaz Insan Mandiri are one of the company that producing moslem’s clothing, with “Arniz Collection†as their brand. Inside its transaction process, this company still, either using manual process (by reseller), or social media (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.). In order to make the selling process easier, PT Armaz Insan Mandiri need to do the online selling process through a website, that should displaying the description of products. Also, that website should be used either from customer’s, seller’s, or owner’s side. It could be used to make a buying order, look at the product’s description, and receiving the offers for customers. From the seller’s side, could be used to look at the customer’s and product’s list, buying order’s status, and confirming the orders. From the owner’s side, could be used to look at the condition of the selling process. In order to give recommendation for customers, this system use the most purchased item as recommendation. This system are developed with Visual Studio Code, PHP as programming language, and MySQL as database management system (DBMS). Keywords: Website, E-Commerce, Recommendation System


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