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Caltex Riau Polytechnic is one of the best private polytechnics in Indonesia. Initially Caltex Riau Polytechnic had 3 study programs, namely Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Telecommunication Engineering. As time goes by and the number of enthusiasts, Caltex Riau Polytechnic continues to develop other study programs, and until now Caltex Riau Polytechnic already has 10 study programs. With conditions like this, of course, Caltex Riau Polytechnic already has many buildings and facilities that support the needs of each study program. Facilities and infrastructure are an important part of the teaching and learning process at Caltex Polytechnic Riau as an educational institution. The role of facilities and infrastructure is so great because it is very helpful in the learning process so that the learning outcomes achieved can be maximized. Standards for facilities and infrastructure are national education standards relating to minimum criteria regarding study rooms, sports venues, places of worship, libraries, laboratories,workshops, and other learning resources needed to support the learning process including the use of information and communication technology. The role of information systems in universities has become an important part of operational academic activities. One of them is SIAK pcr which has been implemented at Caltex Polytechnic Riau. However, SIAK PCR has not been used optimally in data collection of facilities and infrastructure. It is hoped that the facilities and infrastructure information system can help manage facilities and infrastructure to be better and can assist efforts to create competitive graduates so that they can improve the quality of higher education. There are several elements of assessment related to facilities and infrastructure in this standard, including the management system for facilities and infrastructure, location, status, use, and area of ​​land used for higher education activities used in the learning process, as well as the provision of centralized level learning facilities and infrastructure to support interaction. between students, lecturers and other resource persons in activities in learning activities. Management of higher education facilities and infrastructure includes planning, procurement, use, maintenance and disposal of assets that are carried out properly, so that they are effective in supporting academic activities in higher education. The elements in this standard are the reference in making the facilities and infrastructure information system as well as the resulting facility and infrastructure report. This system is built using the codeigniter framework, the PHP programming language and MySQL as the DBMS. This system is tested using user acceptance test (UAT) and black box testing  so that it can find out the improvements desired by the user. Based on the user acceptance test (UAT) that has been carried out, it shows that 100% of the system that has been built has been accepted by users and can assist the means of conveying valid and updated. Kata kunci: Polytechnic Caltex Riau, General Info, Prototyping, PHP, Framework Codeigniter.