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Control and monitoring problems of water levels in a tank is always an issue.  As a solution, methods and case studies are always evolving. However, there are similarities in each case study, namely determining the threshold level value according to the desired level. The voltage level detector with hysteresis method offers a simpler method in determining the threshold value than other methods that use logic 0 and 1 or on and off. The on-off method in general will fail if the input signal to the system is unstable due to various causes of interference. This hysteresis function makes it flexible in setting the desired voltage level as the upper and lower threshold values. In implementation, this threshold value is used to monitor the water level or volume of water in a tank. The test results of this method have a success rate of 100%. The water pump will stop at 80% tank level and the pump will start at 20% tank level.
Keywords: voltage level detector, hysteresis, threshold voltage

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Harpawi, N. ., Triyani, Y., & Susantok, M. . (2021). Penerapan Voltage Level Detector (VLD)With Hysteresis Untuk Kontrol Level Air. Jurnal ELEMENTER (Elektro Dan Mesin Terapan), 7(2).

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