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Cleaning is the process of removing dirt attached to the cassava. The goal is to remove dirt that is still attached to the cassava so that the cassava looks attractive. During cleaning, try to keep the cassava from any dirt that sticks to the cassava such as soil, plant residues or plant roots by trimming and peeling the skin, after that it is carefully washed with clean water. The design of the cassava washing machine with the rotary method has dimensions (1500x660x500)mm and uses 3 variations of the range in the form of threads using rubber material, namely 136 mm, 190 mm, and 290 mm. The results of solidworks simulation for the strength of the engine frame with a load of 150 kg, the largest yield strength occurs in the washing tube shaft holder area of ​​2.827 x 108 N/m2 with a strain of 3.738 x 10-4. The results of testing the performance of a semi-automatic cassava washing machine with a speed of 23 rpm for each washing process of 30 kg of cassava takes the fastest time of 58.61 seconds, occurring at a distance variation of 290 mm (using 4 rubber coils on the washing tube) with a machine capacity of 1,842.69 kg/hour. For the use of electric power, each washing process of 30 kg of cassava for 58.61 seconds requires an electric power of 0.018 KWH
Keywords: Cassava, Removing Dirt Cassava, Motor AC 1 Phase

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Jupri Yanda Zaira, Politeknik Caltex Riau

Teknik Mekatronika/ Asisten Ahli IIIb
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Zaira, J. Y., & Pradana, M. T. I. . (2022). Rancang Bangun dan Analisa Kekuatan Rangka Mesin Pencuci Singkong Metode Rotary dengan Solidworks Simulation. Jurnal ELEMENTER (Elektro Dan Mesin Terapan), 8(2), 205–213.

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